Sunday, April 01, 2012

Red Flower Still Life Oil Painting Impressionistic Art by Mary Jo Zorad @

Beautiful red flowers reminding us that spring brings everything new. 

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 Today I took my walk with the dogs.  Hoping I could beat the rain clouds.  Oh well we were stuck in the rain.  A long walk down the dirt road and I could see the clouds coming.  When I noticed we were walking with the clouds and rain I figured it was time to turn around.  Just like life, we start on a path and find out at some point that the walking with the rain may not be the best choice.  Turning around sometimes is the right choice especially if you are walking with the stuff you don't really want.  As we walked in a different direction the clouds passed and we were in the clear, no rain. Interesting how life progresses.  It is important to pay attention, evaluate and redirect at times when we discover the path is not where you really wanted to be.  By the time I returned home I was soaking wet and so were the dogs.  We dried off and relaxed. we can always make the assessments that are needed and make a change.  Change and Transition such is life.
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