Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Begin each Day as if it were on Purpose" MJ Zorad

Abstract Oil Painting
"Frosty Morning"
15" x 30" Painting on canvas

My readings from last night.
From Siddartha by Hermann Hesse

"Truly, nothing in the world has occupied my thoughts as much as the Self, this riddle, that I live, that I am one and am separated and different from everybody else, that I am Siddartha;"
"and Govinda saw that his mask-like smiled, this smile or unity over the flowing forms, this smile of simultaneousness over the thousands of births and deaths - this smile of Siddartha- was exactly the same as the calm, delicate, impenetrable, perhaps gracious, wise, thousand-fold smile of Gotama, the Buddha, as he perceived it with awe a hundred times. It was in such a manner, Govinda knew, that the Perfect One smiled."

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