Sunday, September 02, 2012

Abstract Pond and Lilies by Mary Jo Zorad Oil Painting

©Abstract Pond and Lilies 30" x 30" Oil Painting  Sold
Wanted to share a little of my reading early this morning.

From Love and Power by Lynn Anderws

I sit in a place that I call the sacred witness,
observing the world swirling around me in chaos.
And I dance with the shadows, wondering what challenge
this life is going to bring me next.
I watch the wonder and the beauty of the sun rising
up over the mountians at dawn. If you are a a seer,
you know that all the truth that you have ever searched for
is in that lightm and you are made of that light."

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1 comment:

Cheoy Lee said...

The colours, the colours! I love the dark reds in the lower left corner there, and the purple tints in the top right. This is beautiful!

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